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Axione targets 4 million full fibre connections in sub-urban and rural areas contributing to the UK digital transformation

To address the challenge of digital transformation in the UK, Axione supported by its shareholders Bouygues Energies & Services and Vauban Infrastructure Partners has created Axione Fibre, a company dedicated to deploying and operating a full-fibre network targeting sub-urban and rural areas to help bridge the digital divide. Axione Fibre will design, build and operate […]

Spotlight on: connected regions 💡
Corporate | Development
Spotlight on: connected regions 💡

We are proud to contribute to the digitalisation of France’s regions through the provision of digital solutions tailored to local needs, and thereby developing the sustainability of the infrastructures rolled out. A sustainable region consists of a number of synergies between its buildings and the energy supplies and services that give them life; we also […]

They drive #digital
Corporate | HR
They drive #digital

#Fresh Outlook In their jobs, they are driving the digital sphere in their day to day tasks. That’s why we decided to go and meet two women who joined the Axione adventure around ten years ago, Vanessa and Magali. Both of them have had the opportunity to make an internal move for career development within […]

3 questions to Gilles Kabbani
3 questions to Gilles Kabbani

Words from experts Gilles Kabbani, Director of Strategy, Markets and Regulation at Axione Our mission is to provide access to Very High Speed broadband to support the development of innovative solutions throughout France. #1: What are Axione’s ambitions and the challenges for local authorities? Axione’s business plan is based on designing, building, operation, and marketing […]

Our commitment rewarded with Top Employers 2021 certification
Corporate | HR
Our commitment rewarded with Top Employers 2021 certification

We are proud to be Top Employers France and Europe thanks to the certification obtained by Bouygues Construction and valid for all its subsidiaries. 🏆 This is a fine recognition of Bouygues Construction’s HR policy, which is geared towards a culture of sharing and passing on our expertise. It is also the reward for a year in […]


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