Why joining us

Axione, strong of its experience in the development of digital infrastructure

Axione operates in a sector that is constantly evolving and at the cutting edge of innovations.

A story, a vision

Axione is first and foremost a human adventure based on an idea that makes sense: to support current and future uses of digital to everyone and everywhere.

Bring ideas to life

Active listening, exemplary behaviour and a team spirit are the values encouraged by the company. Each employee is unique. When he/she joins the Axione adventure, our role is to support them in understanding our environment and give meaning to their mission : connecting people to each other to build the world of tomorrow.

Being an inclusive and socially-responsible employer.

Committed at all levels of the HR process and working alongside schools, Bouygues Construction seeks to facilitate the inclusion, career development and performance of women in the Group, regardless of their entity or business.