Why choose fibre over ADSL or 4G?

Full fibre is the most future proof technology for your home. Your broadband speed does not depend on how far your home is from your street cabinet or your nearest mobile mast. It will always be as advertised by your service provider. Fibre will give you higher speeds and unlimited downloads and will support simultaneous usage from all family members. Fibre networks are also more reliable than copper networks.

How will the cable be routed into my home?

Installation of the fibre-optic cable is unobtrusive. It can be routed in an existing duct or run along skirting.

Where is the optical termination box installed?

It is advisable to mount the optical termination box close to your TV and a power socket, within 10 meters of the building entry point, however you can speak to your engineer about placing the box elsewhere. Upon completion, you will be asked  for your feedback on the installation work.

I’m a tenant. Who should I contact for information about getting my home connected?

If you are a tenant, you should contact your landlord or the homeowner to seek approval for the installation prior to placing an order with your chosen service provider.

How long will it take to be connected once I’ve signed up with a provider?

Our objective is to deliver a connection within 10 working days from the date your order is approved by your service provider. Work should be completed on the day, however timescales may need to be extended if remedial works need to be carried out, in which case your service provider should keep you informed.

Will I need to change provider? Which provider will I need to sign up with?

The Axione network is completely open. We therefore aim to bring a wide range of providers onboard to offer choice of services. Initially choice may be limited while we build and extend our coverage.

How is fibre installed in my home?

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