For over 15 years, Axione has been leading on the design, build and operation of infrastructure that support the democratisation of access to digital connectivity, for all to benefit from its uses.

Strong of its experience in the development of digital infrastructure across rural areas of France, Axione has been active internationally for several years. Axione is currently also present in Gabon and Ivory Coast through a number of public led initiatives for which Axione delivers services from design right through to technical and commercial operation.

The future of digital connectivity in the UK

Axione is expanding in the UK, bringing its experience in digital transformation of territories to support current and future uses of digital. Service providers and the government are today structuring the market to plan the deployment of full fibre connectivity to all premises in the UK (representing approximately 30 million premises).

The stakes are high for the country both politically and economically. As of 2020, the level of full fibre connectivity is still low compared to other European nations, but the objective is for a high pace of deployment.

Axione is committed to rising to the challenge by adopting a different economic model for establishing its presence in the UK. Axione UK is undertaking a commercial investment not relying on public subsidy. This investment is supported by our financial partners.

An ambitious plan …

Axione has big plans in the UK with an objective to connect a substantial number of premises with full fibre across small towns and villages. Axione intends to retain its purely wholesale positioning and offer a range of services to suit the needs of all types of ISP partners.

… delivered in stages

To launch this project and be able to deploy at scale, Axione must first adapt its processes and tools and train its teams and delivery partners across its whole spectrum of activities from design, delivery and right through to operation and maintenance.

As part of this process, we have already launched the deployment of our network in Scotland.

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