Access Node
Plant room housing a network operator’s infrastructure that links the backbone to the network serving subscribers within a neighbourhood or town.

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
Interface between an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a broadband subscriber (via ADSL, fibre or cable), providing internet access and associated services (IP telephony and IPTV). The CPE is provided by the ISP.

Optical Distribution Point (ODP)
Box located in the street and from which the subscriber home is served. It is the closest network infrastructure to subscriber premises. It can be mounted on a pole, on a building façade or placed underground in a chamber. An ODP serves a small number of homes and businesses in its immediate vicinity.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
Electronic unit installed within the subscriber’s home which converts the optical signal into an electronic signal. The router (CPE) provided by your ISP will connect into the ONT.

Optical Termination Outlet (OTO)
Small box mounted in the subscriber’s home to terminate the fibre circuit. The light signal transmitted through the fibre is converted into an electrical signal in an ONT which plugs into this optical outlet.

Street Cabinet
Network Point used to distribute optical fibre cables to reach individual subscriber premises.