A major player in the field of connectivity for buildings and regions, notably by providing indoor mobile coverage infrastructure, Axione provides support and guidance for operators preparing for the arrival of 5G.

Don’t wait around for 5G to be deployed to set up your in-building telecoms infrastructure: start integrating 5G compatibility as soon as you get the bill of specifications!

Fabien Gevaert, Directeur Marketing & Réglementaire Axione

Planning out the communications infrastructure during the building design process is an essential condition for optimizing connectivity levels given developments in potential usages and new architectural standards. This is a message that Axione has been preaching for several years, and “the market has really taken it on board,” observes Fabien Gevaert, Director of Marketing and Regulatory Affairs at Axione. Now, every operator in the market is turning its focus to the arrival of 5G.

“Builders and lessors are asking themselves a lot of questions, and rightly so. Our response is clear: don’t wait for 5G to be deployed to start planning your infrastructure. Evolving, intra-building technologies already exist and enable us to provide ultra high speed internet in order to meet customer needs. However, it’s essential to get ahead of the game by integrating compatibility as soon as the bill of specifications is drawn up.”

The impact of 5G and fibre optic on building telecom infrastructures, as well as on their associated business models, requires an insightful response, which Axione has chosen to cover in detail alongside experts from the construction ecosystem during its conference at the CBT Forum, which will be held on 11th December 2019 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. This meeting will also provide an opportunity to expand the debate by exploring other approaches such as “BTS Hotels” or the neutral operator model for mobile networks present in other countries.

“In particular, these solutions will enable us to significantly optimise energy consumption and the costs of network interconnections, so they deserve to be studied,” stresses Fabien Gevaert.

Fabien Gevaert

Watch this space!

Source: Catalogue of the Connected Buildings and Regions Forum, as part of the SIMI (professional real estate convention), 11th-13th December 2019, Paris, Palais des Congrès.