At Axione, each of us has a role to play in the integration of new team members. On this basis, the integration process has been completely rethought by the HR teams, making way for the “integration Reflex”.

The “Integration Reflex” by Axione

The aim of this process is to rethink the arrival of employees joining the company for the first time, capitalising on the peer support and solidarity of their co-workers. Integration then becomes a genuinely communal process in which everyone feels involved – a real reflex on everyone’s part.

The first “Integration Reflex” brick is laid with the new “Welcome Pack”

From the beginning of September, each new team member is greeted with a new “Welcome Pack”. This integration kit is handed to them on their first day at head office or a branch by the manager who will take the lead in integrating the new employee. The aim of this kit is to provide the optimum conditions for the integration of new team members, allowing them to be fully immersed in the Axione environment right from the start.

What does the Welcome Pack contain?

The HR teams were keen to offer a more complete pack, containing items that were useful but which likewise demonstrated respect for the environment: a tote bag, water bottle, multi-charger, smartphone stand, key-ring, lanyard, note-book and pen, all in this new format. See example in photo 📷

Roll-out of integration process

In addition to the Welcome Pack, the Axione HR teams are working on developing a personalised, digital integration process that will provide new employees with a fast, effective overview of what we do and the challenges we face.