Two of our experts, David Roche, Head of Connection and Carole Esculier, Director of Customer Relations, spoke about AI and the employer brand at the Vivatech trade fair in Paris on 15 and 18 June 2022.

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Digital has assumed an essential role in our everyday lives, in sectors ranging from health, to education, to economics and mobility and even public services. And, because a growing number of services, both public and private are now more easily accessible by internet, it is essential to provide relevant answers so that all regions have access to digital services. This is precisely what Axione offers, as a global player in digital infrastructures. Eric Jammaron, Chairman of Axione comments.

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Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services have risen to the challenge of supplying a very high-speed connection in the Sarthe region, with a responsible and committed approach, on behalf of the Syndicat mixte Sarthe NumĂ©rique. In June 2022, the “La Fibre Arrive Chez Vous” project, begun in 2016, was awarded the Top Site Innovation designation.

Being awarded the Top Site Innovation designation in partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services shows our daily commitment and performance in guaranteeing not only the safety of our employees, but also the controlled management of the environment and the quality of our projects

JĂ©rĂ´me Chauvière, Manager of Axione’s Mulsanne office.

Axione’s subsidiary Sartel THD is in charge of project management and network maintenance over a 30-year period. The work was carried out jointly by the teams of Axione in Mulsanne and Bouygues Energies & Services in ChampagnĂ©.

The Sartel THD, Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services teams are proud to have carried out this major deployment under optimal conditions.

Rémi Carrière, director of the Sartel THD concession.

A number of criteria were assessed on-site to achieve this certification, along with local innovations.

They consist of the following:

  • Health and safety: through respect for key indicators, monitoring of prevention benchmarks and compliance with the 12 Bouygues Construction health and safety fundamentals,
  • The environment: by applying an environmental management system to the site and controlling the environmental impact of energy, carbon emissions, water consumption, the circular economy and waste management,
  • Quality and customer satisfaction: by setting up a dedicated organisation, a technical risk analysis and a quality control system shared regularly with our client Sarthe NumĂ©rique,
  • Social and community issues: through the introduction of monitoring and traceability systems to ensure that the work situation is suitable, optimised and compliant with regulations. Local partnerships have also been developed with inclusion organisations and training centres.

 Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services worked together from design to delivery of the project. It has proved to be a success, working in synergy and showing our ability to share our different areas of expertise to complete our assignments and thereby helping us to obtain this label awarded by Bouygues Construction.

Séverine Dubois-Berlot, Head of the Champagné Bouygues Energies & Services centre.

Congratulations to all project stakeholders for their involvement and hard work.

This certification shows that Corporate Social Responsibility is more than ever a central issue for Axione and Bouygues Energies & Services.

*The Top Site label was launched in 2020 by Bouygues Construction to reward exemplary CSR projects. The label’s Innovation rating is obtained by meeting and exceeding the label’s criteria to achieve excellence.

As a player in numerics, Axione is participating in Viva technology the meeting place for tech and innovation professionals.

Come and meet us from 15 to 18 June on the Bouygues Group stand E39.

Two of our experts, David Roche, Connection Manager and Carole Esculier, Customer Relations Director will be speaking on the topics of IA and employer branding.

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Gauthier Nanoux, Chief Operating Officer Axione participates in the round table “Innovation at the heart of network life” organised by Corning Incorporated and InfraNum.

Our expert testifies on the challenges for telecom players to sustainably operate digital networks in territories with a focus on the benefits of innovation to achieve these objectives. 💡

In this context, Axione, which specialises in the integration of digital infrastructures, is offering services to support you on #4G and #5G private networks.

🤝 Meet our Axione experts Olivier Heyraud and Franck Dupont at the Global Industrie show on Bouygues Energies & Services stand 5L176 from 17 to 20 May 2022.

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Press release

For the 4th consecutive year, we have been certified by the Top Employers Institute as “Top Employer Europe” and for the 6th year as “Top Employer France”! This certification has also been renewed for our entities in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Top Employer” certification recognises Bouygues Construction’s initiatives, deployed for many years within its organisation, which ensure the best possible working environment for employees via innovative HR practices. The group is the only one from the construction industry present in this survey.

The Top Employers Institute programme assessed Bouygues Construction’s HR policy, using the “HR Best Practices Survey” that covers 5 main areas, split into 20 themes such as talent management strategy, working environment, Talent Acquisition, training and skills development, well-being at work and diversity and inclusion.1/9Previous

In 2021, two new features were highlighted by Bouygues Construction:

  • The new annual review meeting which encourages quality preparation and richer discussions.
  • The Chance to Meet programme, which provides opportunities for meetings between top management and talents identified within the company. Younger people can learn from inspirational stories and get advice, and top managers can get ideas from the leaders of tomorrow.

For 2022, two priority themes will be completed and enriched following the feedback from the Top Employer survey:

  • The attractiveness and richness of our career paths, through a new training offering and better promotion of professional mobility as well as inter-professional bridges.
  • The second area will strengthen our diversity ambition, with a desire to promote the diversity of careers and cultures within the Group even more strongly, especially via our gender diversity programmes and by bringing more internationalism to our management and talent.

Become an ambassador for our Top Employer 2022 certification! To communicate on our certification, feel free to download the new email signature here and the logo here.


Fibre optics have become as indispensable to us as water and electricity; they are deeply rooted in our daily lives.

Deploying them all around the country is one of most ambitious projects ever undertaken. In the country and in the suburbs, they are particularly eagerly-awaited. Installation will result in a positive effect on regional growth and on the local economy.

As the first neutral provider to come to densely populated areas, CityFast is turning the telecoms market on its head. 

The shared infrastructure model has shown its worth in rural areas. This longstanding model, with proven success in public initiative networks (rĂ©seaux d’initiative publique), is now being rolled out in large cities thanks to CityFast.  

CityFast is a neutral network access services provider that focuses on densely populated areas (Zones Très Denses or ZTD in French). It was specially created as part of the acquisition of Bouygues Telecom’s fibre infrastructure by Axione in 2018, and two investment bodies managed by Vauban Infrastructure Partners (CIF II and QUIMPER COINVEST SCA).  

The CityFast network opens up a world of possibilities by allowing companies and individuals to choose their provider from Axione’s 150 partner providers. It also stimulates innovation on the telecoms market thanks to digital content and service providers who can readjust their service offerings in order to set themselves apart and face the competition.   Entirely unprecedented in France, a new commercial offering will be gradually made available on the CityFast network in line with the rollout schedule. For private individuals, CityFast will allow access to alternative providers. For businesses, it will provide a disruptive, innovative model, combining the quality of service of dedicated fibre with the flexibility and cost control of a shared fibre network. 

Key Figures CityFast will cover 92 of the 106 communes located within the ZTD, representing 3.4 million connections.Throughout 2020, the progressive commercial launch will cover sixty communes, representing over two million connections. Paris will be the first major beneficiary from January, followed by Marseille, Lyon, and others. In 2021, the 32 remaining communes will also be able to benefit from the offering.

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About CityFast 

CityFast is a simplified joint-stock company that was specially created as part of the acquisition of Bouygues Telecom’s fibre infrastructure in 2018. Its shareholders include Axione and two investment bodies managed by Vauban Infrastructure Partners (CIF II and QUIMPER COINVEST SCA).

About Axione

Axione is owned by Bouygues Energies & Services and Vauban Infrastructure Partners and is a major player in the rollout of digital technology in both rural and urban areas. As a partner in the French Ultra-High Speed Broadband Plan, Axione designs, builds, finances, and operates new generation digital services (FTTH, 4G, etc.) on its own behalf and for regional authorities and service providers. As a medium for competitive intensity and diversity of offerings, Axione operates in all French regions (highly populated areas [ZTD], and moderately populated areas [ZMD]) and provides telecom operators Ultra-High Speed access services for their subscribers by pooling its digital infrastructure, which is open and accessible to all. Almost 150 providers use the networks operated by Axione.

About Vauban Infrastructure Partners

Vauban Infrastructure Partners is a leading investor in Public-Private Partnerships and concessions in all forms throughout Europe. It has proven experience in both greenfield projects and asset management. Vauban Infrastructure Partners has over €2.5 billion euros under its management, and has already invested in more than 50 infrastructure projects in a wide variety of sectors.

Axione designs and deploys telecommunication structures: FTTH networks, or in other words, fibre optics. Geographical information is useful throughout all the phases of a project, from tendering to operating a network. Currently, the company operates 24 networks and delivers a fibre optic connection to 6,500 towns/villages totalling 13 million residents.


SIGMAG CAMPUS is a free annual supplement from the magazine SIGMAG, published by VPW. It is aimed particularly at young people who want to discover the various geomatic sectors and their vocational training programmes.



The first, and without doubt one of the most important stages in the creation of an FTTH network, takes place at the head office of Malakoff. Taking into consideration public market specifications, the pre-sales team puts together Axione’s proposal. GIS is used to retrieve data and to model the network to be constructed. A quantitative model is created based on the network’s layout in order to cost the project. This preliminary deliverable allows company tenders to be queried and prioritised. The term “decision mapping” is in vogue as it helps to better understand the design challenges and to respond more precisely to the invitation to tender.


Once the contract has been awarded to us, the construction design office works on the compiling of studies such as the Summary Pre-Project, which specifies the routing of cables and telecommunication boxes to be used. Thanks to data retrieved from operators, the Detailed Pre-Project serves to compile the construction documentation that will be entrusted to the team who are going to construct the network.


Teams working on the same project meet on a regular basis. Axione has design offices in Châtillon and Lille. With extensive deployment of fibre optics, they are presently working on some fifteen projects at the same time.


Network design is not only done in the office!

It is crucial to get out into the field and to proceed to do field studies. You must verify on site that it is indeed possible to construct the modelled layouts. Axione’s Method, Data & Tools division has created a software designed for tablets. The division also sets up and maintains the pool of tablets.


The field teams carry out a letterbox census: they verify each address that will be connected. They qualify all the storage and cable routes, along with equipment. For example, they do an inventory of existing electric poles and cables in order to perform electrical load calculations. This enables checking as to whether optic fibre can be added to the present layout and passed “overhead”. They also carry out a study of telecommunication chambers by locating existing cables. This serves to choose the ducting through which Axione’s fibre optic cables are going to pass. The company will then lease this equipment to operators. Geolocalised data collection thus serves to validate the technical choices with regard to deployment and to complete the costing.


Throughout the year, the Method, Data & Tools division develops IT business solutions for the different entities of Axione. Everyone, from the design offices to the field operators, uses the organisational tools that ensure coherent processes and procedures. The data produced during the construction of the network is collected.


Once constructed, the FTTH network is often operated as a Public Service Delegation, which means that Axione administrates it on behalf of all the operators. Its supervision centre is located in Pau. GIS ensures that the data actually conforms to the project. It now serves for reporting and management of anomalies A web portal also enables verification of eligibility for fibre optics.


Fibre optics is under continual development. The team that pilots the deployment of fibre optics often conducts meetings to monitor progress. A colour code is used to show the situation on a map. In the future, GIS will be able to programme the extension or densification of networks

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